Terms and Conditions

Sanctuary: Modern Kitchen (hereafter referred to as SMK) agrees to provide purchaser with a monthly box of product (hereafter referred to as box) in exchange for the relevant monthly fee corresponding to the selected box. Completion of subscription purchase is agreement to a monthly charge of selected box to be paid via automatic monthly charge via credit card. If member has any requested changes, they must be submitted 14 days prior to fulfillment date. SMK retains the sole right to allow, disallow, alter, or charge for any and all changes to any box. Member will be notified of fulfillment date and must indicate 14 days in advance of said fulfillment date if there is a change to the fulfillment method. Boxes will be available for pickup on fulfillment date, or will be shipped within 3 days of fulfillment date. Other than making box available on fulfillment date at the designated location, SMK does not incur any responsibility for pickup orders being transferred to member. Boxes which are shipped via third party shipping will be the sole responsibility of third party shipper. There will be a flat fee assessed for all boxes shipped via third party shipper. Should SMK elect to make local deliveries by employee, SMK commits only to delivery to address during window listed. It expressly does not incur any responsibility for anything that occurs after the immediate end of said delivery, regardless of whether delivery is received by member or other authorized person or not. Billing will be every thirty days via electronic transfer from credit card given to SMK. Cancellations require thirty day notice. Initial term is for three billing cycles, then monthly. Cancellation is permitted in accordance with the above at any time if there is not satisfaction with the product or service. If the a box is selected that is more expensive than original or prior box, the amount billed will be for the box requested, not the original or prior box. No returns of items from the box will be accepted. Member discharges SMK of any real or alleged liability resulting from any product from SMK. Member agrees to address any concerns or lack of satisfaction with SMK first, rather than any other parties such as credit card issuers.